The team that I co-founded for Big Apps NYC 2014, Culture Island, is not only one of the top twenty finalists, but is also the winner of the "VisitGI - Trust for Governor's Island" Big Idea challenge, meaning it will be adopted as the official app of Govenor's Island!

As such, I am thoroughly excited for the forthcoming finals/awards ceremony on Septmber 16th. So exicited, in fact, that I decided to finally launch a personal website.

As a person who functions primarily as a web developer, it may strike you as odd that it too this long and this much impetus to get around to around to such an important task. The short story is that I've made several attempts in the past, but was never satisfied with the results.

I suffered from what I will dub as the "blank canvas effect". You see, when working on a client's project, you will almost certainly have parameters such as what needs to be done, when it needs to be done by, what it should look like, etc, that are outlined for you. Those restrictions create focus. But when working on your own projects, you are staring at a blank canvas - the whats, whens, and often even the whys are bound only by your imagination and gumption. It can be daunting. At times, there are few things more intimating than a blank canvas.

I've played around with a varity of approaches, accorss a broad gamut of technologies. Custom wordpress instances, roll-your-own CMSs in PHP, Django, MEAN - I've played with a bunch. Usually, right around the time that I remember that content should inform design (both in terms of aesthetics and app structure), I realize that I haven't yet thought about what I want to say, making it difficult to make meaningful progress.

So I've decided to work around the problem by doing away with the blank canvas. Part of being a good developer is to use the right tools for the job, and to avoid reinventing wheels. Enter Ghost, the platform I am using to power this blog. It is sufficiently feature rich that I can get up and go, not excessivly chucnky to the point of having a steep learning curve, and its extensive - so if there are any shortcommings that bother me enough, I can fix them and contribute to the project.

So here we are.